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Personal Training in Austin, TX

Personal Training here at Free Your Fitness can be a great way to make a real change in your life. Our personal trainers help improve confidence in physical activity and exercise participation by designing a fitness program unique to your needs and goals.

Each trainer will hold you accountable for your activities and help motivate you to reach goals by continuously presenting unique, fun and challenging workouts.

Our personal trainers are highly qualified and certified in functional exercise, rehabilitation exercise routines, nutritional guidelines, sport specific training, strength training, and also certified to teach boxing and kickboxing.

Learning to improve your body’s functional movement through the use of safe and effective exercises will only keep you energized and take your life into a whole new direction.

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Who needs a personal trainer?

Personal training can be valuable to anyone whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete. Our trainers will guide you to reach your fitness goal and instill knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

Personal Training helps with:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increases muscular strength and endurance
  • Strengthen cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improves overall nutritional intake
  • Increase energy and productivity
  • Improve sport specific performance training
  • Helps control blood pressure, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases
  • Increases core stability and strengthening
  • Helps back pain prevention
  • Post injury rehabilitation
  • Pre/Postnatal exercise
  • Improve flexibility and agility
  • Promote self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Decreases Fat around Mid-Section
  • Strengthens Abs/Core
  • Creates exercises/workout plans to follow at home
  • Introduces Yoga and its benefits

Who are Your Trainers?

Emmanuel Hernandez

“Manny,” understands the core values when implementing a fitness program.  He states, “No one individual gained weight overnight and not one individual will lose weight overnight.” Manny encourages mental strength while creating new and fun exercises to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Specializing in:

-Weight Loss, Strength Training, Endurance Training, Group Classes, Small Group Classes, and Workout Plans

Words of Encouragement:

Challenges are presented to us often. The good news is once you power through whatever challenge are preset, you will find growth.

“T”, understands the dedication and discipline that is required to tackle any weight loss program. Suffering from obesity as a child, Trellis overcame his challenges by staying dedicated to fitness, exercise, and nutrition. He’s now on of the best personal trainers here at FYF in Austin, Texas.

Specializing in:

Weight Loss, Weight gain,  Full Body Circuits, Total Body Conditioning, Endurance exercise, Sports specific exercise routines, Group Classes, Small Group Classes, and Workout Plans.

Words of Encouragement:

You can hit the gym every day for the rest of your life, but unless you work out your mind, you won’t get very far.

Trellis Carson

Ryan Muetzel

“Ryan,” is an elite trainer with an extensive background. He has trained professional athletes all over the country and is now finishing his second master’s program at the University of Texas in Austin Texas.  He stood in front of the best track stars in the country. Torn by injury, Ryan was short of competing in the Olympics due to an ACL tear. Continuing his love for health and fitness Ryan now inspires others to overcome physical and mental obstacles.

Specializing in:

Corrective exercise, Sports specific exercise, Yoga, Workout Plans, Post Rehabilitation Training, Early Childhood exercise, Injury prevention Training.

Words of Encouragement:

A minor set back paves the way for major comebacks.

“Luke,” a former Marine is the real deal. Luke is a strong believer in mental strength. Focusing on building you from within, Luke provides excellent personal training for those are looking to be challenged and need a change. His attention to detail and overall commitment provides amazing results inside and outside the gym arena.

Specializing in: 

Weight Training, Strength Training, Weight Lost Specialist, Small group training, Group fitness classes.

Words of Encouragement: 

You are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry, but you must not be defeated.

Luke Perry

Diana Nguyen

“Diana,” is a Boxing instructor and MMA instructor with a lot of knowledge. Her passion for both sports shows during her Boxing/kickboxing classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6 pm. Born in Brooklyn New York, she is now finishing up her degree at Texas State. If you are looking to learn self-defence or simply start a fitness journey, Diana is your woman. She is also a corrective exercise specialist focusing on corrective maneuvers to help one suffering from chronic pain and or injury.

Specializing in:

A corrective exercise specialist, Professional boxing coach, weight Training, weight management,  Strength training, TRX certified instructor, small group training, group fitness classes.

Words of Encouragement:

The purpose of training is to build the mind then the body.

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