Fitness Assessment


Would you take a road trip without first getting specific directions on how to arrive at your destination? Highly unlikely. If your goal included journeying down unmarked lonely country roads for hours on end, spending insurmountable amounts of money on gas, and wasting hours driving in a wayward fashion because you obtained directions from a handful of strangers; each proffering up “short cuts,” all in direct opposition of each other. 

Arriving at your fitness goal, no different from taking a journey to your dream destination without precise directions, can be just as frustrating, time-consuming, and costly if you are unable to obtain the precise location on your body’s own personal fitness navigation map.  You’ve very likely been told conflicting fitness advice from “fitness professionals” along with your journey. You might have spent countless hours in the gym, money on personal trainers and gym memberships; but you have ultimately ended up right where you started. That’s why you need a plan. To get to where you want to be, you have to know where you are from the very beginning

Obtaining a complete, comprehensive and most importantly; accurate fitness assessment is the key to reaching your own individual fitness goals.

  • Keep Track of your body and its performance. A fitness assessment allows you to create a baseline of your current fitness level. By measuring, fat and muscle percentage, we are able to establish a promising program tailored to your body.
  • Learn what your body can handle. As we gather measurements of your heart rate, blood pressure, target heart rate zone, and basal metabolic calculation, we are then allowed to build a plan that will allow you to reach optimal performance.
  • Establish your results. Build a stronger and healthier body that all starts here.  We test your cardiovascular endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Flexibility. All of which will give you trainer a baseline on how to reach your goals faster.

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