Battle Beats

Battle Beats

Battle Beats will increase muscle tone, decrease fat, and help you bond with teammates as you all push through the pain together. Relying on the vibration of music, the workouts build a sense of camaraderie, excitement, and accomplishment of teamwork to help motivate one another, which makes battle beats fun and produce results.

Battle Beats training makes trying a new exercise, fun, energetic, and explosive. Our experienced instructor will help keep you motivated and push you to overcome your mental barriers.  The workout brings the whole class into a trance of beats.

Described by one reviewer as ‘the best new fitness class around’ – sends your heart rate flying through a combination of rope slams, single arm planks, and jack-hammer squats,  crunches using battle ropes, burpees, and high knees. All of which are done with the vibration of music.

During the 30-minute class, your heart will build in strength and calories will burn off the wall. It’ll stoke your metabolism so your body is still blasting through calories hours after class.

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