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We are Free Your Fitness

At Free YOUR Fitness, YOU are a member of a community of like-minded people; individuals ready to make lifestyle changes become a part of a tribe of Life Changers.  We focus on functional fitness and specialize in the development of individualized innovative fitness programs designed to meet the specific needs of our Life Changers. One-to-One Personal Training, a trademark for anybody and everybody who has successfully achieved and maintained their individual goals is the heartbeat of our services. Our small group exercise classes embrace the sense of community necessary to truly make a life change. We are a tribe of champions in many areas. We are a Fitness Family.

Free Your Fitness. You’ve arrived. Welcome home.

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Personal Training

Our personal trainers are highly qualified and certified in functional exercise, rehabilitation exercise routines, nutritional guidelines, sport specific training, strength training, and also certified to teach boxing and kickboxing.

Are you looking for Fitness Classes?

A total body fitness class that involves a mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, performed in circuit fashion. Total body fitness classes get your body moving, increase your heart rate and make you breathe heavily which is effective in burning calories and losing weight.

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New Life Changers

What should I expect?


    1. Boot Camps/Fitness Classes are designed to push you mentally and physically. A saying we have here is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” We have to challenge you so your body can adjust and become stronger.
    1. Each day is something new. Do not expect to do the same muscle groups and exercises day in and day out. Our trainers are always coming up with creative, new, and safe exercises.
    1. If you are worried about age, DON’T BE. Our oldest Life Changer is 62 years of age. Our youngest is 16 years of age. Our Boot Camps/Fitness Classes are designed to challenge the most novice and advanced athlete.
  1. You will never feel alone.We will introduce you and pair you up with an existing Life Changer. He/she will help guide you through the Boot Camps/Fitness Classes. 

How Should I Prepare?

    1. Come prepared, mentally and physically.
        • Sleep at least 8 hours prior to boot camp/fitness classes
        • Eat a healthy diet prior to boot camp/fitness classes
      • Drink a lot of water
    1. What to bring:
        • Bring a towel you don’t mind getting dirty
        • Bring a water bottle, usually 16 oz. or more. The bigger the better!
      • Your motivation to change yourself and your health
  1. What not to bring:
      • Any fountain drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc..)
    • Expensive handbags or purses. We do not want them to get dirty and sweat on.

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