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Sarah Beth Bolin is originally from Wichita Falls, Texas.

She started her educational career at Baylor University where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Then, she continued her educational career to obtain her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Texas State University.

Throughout her journey in life, she always loved playing tennis avidly. Winning two state titles in doubles with her sister as a freshman and sophomore in high school, Sarah Beth understands the dedication it takes to make a lifestyle change. She first started weight training in the summer months of 2013.

Sarah Beth’s lifestyle change allowed her to understand the discipline and motivation it takes to lose weight and tone muscle. She now coaches life changers during Boot Camps, Circuit training, and High Intensity Interval Training. She understands both sides of the spectrum: from being the one learning and enduring the pain to change, to being the one motivating and encouraging the change.

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