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Restorative Fitness

Restorative Fitness, a method of training in which we work with individuals with chronic pain and injury and get back to 100%.   Restorative fitness is also our answer to unlock flexibility and improve muscle imbalances.

Most people spend their life moving in a forward plane of motion. 90% of all injuries are to stabilizing muscle from moving out of a forward motion.

If you are active or sedentary you have a muscle imbalance.  Our bodies are in constant competition for strength, the way we sit or stand has a lot to do with that but some imbalances are because of trauma to the joint.

Come in for a free Full Body Assesment to learn your baseline level of fitness. This will help establish where you are today and where you can be tomorrow.

When working out there are typically two categories in which people will fall: 1) The people that spend more time doing yoga and working on flexibility than any other type of fitness and 2) The people that workout and then go straight to work with very little or no time spent increasing flexibility.

Being able to touch your toes, squat, or put your hands above your head gives us all the information that we need to help you be pain-free.

Push-ups, squats, and pull-ups shouldn’t hurt.  These are basic movements that should be life goals.  If you can’t do them – and a baseline for life if you do them, they should always be pain-free. A Starting your fitness journey with restorative fitness is really starting with the basics of exercise science and practical application to everyday life.

So you can excel in your favorite activities and communicate properly.

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