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Join Manny, Saturday December 12th at 1pm, as he changes his routine for the upcoming new year. He will give you all his secrets to help you reach your goals! He will be educating you on how to gain strength and muscle mass, lose weight, and tone up for the spring and summer next year. He will also be discussing why Full Body workouts are paramount in any workout program. A nutritionist will be joining Manny to discuss meal planning and other dietary needs to help you further reach your goals. A Full Body and Cardio expert, who recently had a Life Changer lose 100 pounds in 4 months, will also be joining to further educate us.

This workshop is designed for everyone who is looking to change or add-on to their workout routine and increase results are a faster rate. Learning is evolving, you must become smarter up top to create the body underneath. Topics to be discussed at this workshop are: weight lost, muscle toning, muscle gain, nutrition, and cardio training.

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