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Boxing/Kickboxing Class

Congratulations! You have just taken your first and probably your most important step in tackling your fitness and health goals. Starting any new journey in life can be demanding, nerve-racking, and cause a bit of anxiety as well.

I’m here to let you know, this is all normal! Especially when the title states, “Boot Camp Boxing!”  Our Boot Camp Boxing class promotes a full body workout that includes heavy bags, pad work, core specific exercises, and technical skills.

Our class is designed for beginners and advanced levels and is fun and exciting! Get ready to burn 1000 calories in one hour while building friendships with other Life Changers who will motivate you and encourage you on your journey.

I will be asking you to give me everything you have so I can give you everything you wish for. Yes you might yell, this comes from being motivated and excited. You also will jump rope; this helps with core, footwork, and arm strength.

But most importantly, you will never quit!

This is where Free Your Fitness 24 comes in. We believe in not only building the body but also building the mind.

Gold Plan
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With our Gold Plan you'll get access to every single one of our classes. That's yoga, boot camp, boxing boot camp and more for only $79.00!


  • Boxing Boot Camps are designed to push you mentally and physically. A saying we say here is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” We have to challenge you so your body can adjust and become stronger.
  • If you are worried about age, DON’T BE. Our oldest Life Changer is 62 years of age. Our youngest is 16 years of age. Our camps are designed to challenge the most novice and advanced athlete.
  • We will introduce you and pair you up with an existing Life Changer. He/she will help guide you through the camp. You will never feel alone.


  1. You must come prepared, mentally and physically.
    • Sleep at least 8 hours prior to camp
    • Eat a healthy diet prior to boot camp
    • Drink a lot of water
  2. What to bring:
    • Bring a towel you don’t mind getting dirty
    • Bring a water bottle usually 16 oz. or more. The bigger the better!
    • Your motivation to change yourself and your health
    • 14oz gloves for Woman
    • 16oz gloves for Men
    • 180″ hand wraps
  3. What not to bring:
    • This hour is all about you, so let’s make it as such. Children can be a distraction, so please leave them with a guardian
    • Any fountain drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc..)
    • Expensive hand bags or purses. We do not want them to get dirty and sweat on.

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How to wrap hands for boxing/kickboxing

Learn how to wrap your hands for our boxing/kickboxing class. Follow these simple steps to provide wrist support and hand support. If you would like to learn more styles on hand wrapping or about our boxing and kickboxing classes, contact Diana today.

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